POAAL Podcast: Australia Post app and Parcel Collect

Posted: April 13, 2021 at 7:46 pm

Jonathan Gaynor, Head of Marketplace Solutions at Australia Post, joins us to talk about the Australia Post app and Parcel Collect.

  • Features of the Australia Post app, including parcel tracking, locating post offices, and locating street posting boxes
  • MyPost functionality within the app, including managing delivery addresses
  • Alternative delivery options, including parcel lockers and Parcel Collect
  • Customers redirecting parcels to the post office
  • Creating awareness of parcel delivery options, including Parcel Collect
  • Putting the customer in control of their parcel deliveries
  • How customers can select their local post office as their delivery address
  • Reasons why Licensees should promote Parcel Collect to customers
  • Procedure for delivery of Parcel Collect parcels to the LPO
  • Foot traffic and additional sales from co-buy opportunities
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