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Posted: November 30, 2016 at 7:25 am

posti befriending

Finnish postal operator Posti is launching a new service to support elderly Finns in outdoor activities. The new Befriending service launches in January 2017. Orders for the new service can be placed now.

This is the latest of Posti’s initiatives for its delivery officers that go beyond traditional letter delivery. These new services are in response to falling letter volumes in Finland.

Under the new service, a postie (the “befriender”) visits the customer at the agreed time, either once or twice per week. Each visit goes for an hour or 30 minutes. The customer decides the outdoor activities. Posti will select the employees for the role of befriender and provide them with training, which is planned together with specialists.

The Befriending service is intended for the elderly and other customers with reduced physical capability. The service helps customers maintain their overall capability and makes their everyday lives more active. The service does not include rehabilitation or the treatment of physical complaints.

Orders for the Befriending service can already be placed at Posti’s online shop and Posti shops.

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