Posties raking the lawn

Posted: September 21, 2016 at 5:25 am

A Finnish postie raking the lawn - using the customer's rake, of course!

A Finnish postie raking the lawn – using the customer’s rake, of course!

Remember Finnish postal operator Posti’s lawn mowing service during the northern summer? From September, Finns will be able to order lawn raking from Posti’s online shop and Posti shops.

Like the lawn mowing, the lawn raking will only be offered on Tuesdays.

Customer satisfaction for the lawn mowing service is high. Posti’s survey found that 95% of respondents would recommend the lawn mowing service to their friends.

Posti’s raking service includes two visits on Tuesdays of the customer’s choice in September-November. The duration of the visit can be either 30 or 60 minutes. The service is implemented at the selected time – using the customer’s rake.

The price for two 30 minute raking sessions is €40. For two 60 minute sessions the total is €75.

Posti also offers an autumn leaves transport service for customers who don’t have a compost in their backyard. For €40, Posti will collect up to five bags of leaves on a Tuesday chosen by the customer.

The service visits are scheduled beforehand as part of the posties’ working days so they will not interfere with mail delivery or Posti’s other services.

Posti’s new home services are being developed to complement mail delivery in part to compensate for decreasing volumes of traditional mail. The amount of traditional mail is decreasing by about 10% a year, reducing Posti’s income by €70 million last year.

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