Posties mowing the lawn

Posted: April 22, 2016 at 11:36 am

A Finnish postie mowing the lawn for a customer

A Finnish postie mowing the lawn for a customer

Finnish postal operator Posti will soon offer lawn mowing services. Customers will be able to book their local postie to mow the lawn – but only on Tuesday afternoons.

Posti is developing new home-delivered services to give posties more work to do. Traditional mail volumes are falling, but posties still reach 2.8m households on every weekday.

The service will be offered on Tuesdays due to the lower mail volume on that day. Posties will use the customer’s lawn mower. In the event of rain on the day, the lawn mowing will be rescheduled.

(No word on whether or not posties may deliver the mail on ride-on mowers in the future.)

Orders for lawn mowing services can be placed via Posti’s online shop, paying with online banking and credit cards. Posti advises that the service is “tax-deductible for domestic costs”.

Posti also offers meal delivery services, currently delivering some two million meals to Finnish homes annually.

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