Australia Post acquires majority share in MailPlus

Posted: February 14, 2016 at 7:43 pm

Australia Post has announced that it will buy a majority shareholding in MailPlus.

MailPlus is a company that provides mail collection, mail lodgement, parcel collection and banking services for businesses.

Why is Australia Post making this investment? Australia Post said in a communiqué to Licensees (update 436) that the investment will mean AP will be able to extend its support for start-ups and small businesses to make it easier for them to complete everyday jobs, including interacting with the post office network.

LPOs currently provide support to small business to make it easier for them to complete everyday jobs such as mail lodgement/collection, bill payment, banking and other services. How will this acquisition impact on LPO business levels?

It is unclear how MailPlus might be integrated into Australia Post’s existing network and business.

Licensees who already offer a drop off/collection service for their customers see this as more direct competition from Australia Post.


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