Telstra increases paper bill fees

Posted: November 23, 2015 at 8:12 pm

From 28 November 2015, Telstra increased its charge for receiving a paper bill from $2 to $3.20.

The $3.20 fee also applies for customers paying a bill in person or via mail.

Customers who receive a paper bill and pay in person (or via mail) will be charged a total of $3.20.

There are exemptions to this charge. Customers won’t be charged the non-electronic payment fee if they:

  • Are registered for Telstra’s Pensioner Discount or Disability Equipment Program or hold an Australian Government Health Care Card;
  • Use the Telstra Bill Assistance Program Certificate; or
  • Don’t have an email address or internet access. However, customers must pay their bill via automatic Direct Debit, PayPal or Bpay to avoid the $3.20 non-electronic processing fee.

POAAL successfully lobbied against the across-the-board introduction of fees for paying Telstra bills at the post office under the previous federal Labour government. We will take up the cudgels on this again.

It is unfair for a company to discriminate against customers who have no access to internet technology or choose not to use the internet to receive and pay their bills.

Click here for a summary of Telstra’s bill charges.

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