FlexiPOS for manual LPOs

Posted: August 8, 2014 at 5:51 pm

The FlexiPOS terminal set-up

The FlexiPOS terminal set-up

POAAL is pleased to announce that Australia Post will shortly be writing to all manual LPOs with the offer to install FlexiPOS in their LPO.

The process is as follows:

1. Eligible Licensees will receive a letter of offer from AP.

2. The letter will contain an offer document that the Licensee should complete and either fax or email a copy to the FlexiPOS team in Melbourne.

3. The Licensee will then be contacted by AP to arrange installation.

4. Note that it is a pre-requisite to have 4 power outlets for the system to use.

5. Licensees will be provided with a training DVD which they can use on the system before it goes live. Training will be in two stages: one in practice mode and then finally in operational mode.

6. AP will arrange for Telstra to install a data line and then you will go live.

7. The system is made up of the following.
On the counter:
• 1 monitor
• 1 keyboard
• 1 mouse
• 1 label printer
• 1 receipt printer
• 1 bar code scanner
• 1 banking pin pad
• 2 acrylic stands

Under the counter:
• 1 computer to run the system
• 1 printer to perform the balance
• 1 Telstra router for the data line

8. Licensee will be paid the electronic LPO payment rate for all billpay and banking transactions they perform

9. Licensees will pay no Australia Post fee and the short fall will be eliminated from the LPO Payment scheme

10. Ordering of stock and consumables will be able to be performed on line depending on the size of the office and minimum orders of stock.

11. Licensees will be responsible for paying for tally rolls for the counter printer however Australia Post provides A4 paper or an allowance for paper for the other printer.

POAAL is pleased that Australia Post has finally agreed to  the introduction of FlexiPOS as part of the Rural Sustainability Package.

The push by POAAL for Bank@Post and prior to that the Rural Transaction Centre scheme was a good interim solution until such time as Australia Post agreed to FlexiPOS.

POAAL strongly recommends that Licensees at all Manual LPOs accept the Australia Post offer quickly to have the system installed as soon as possible.  Not only will your customers benefit from extended service and trackability, but you should notice an immediate increase in business levels and commissions.


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