Payment for scanning carded items

Posted: March 31, 2013 at 4:17 pm

POAAL has recently completed another step in its ongoing discussions with Australia Post regarding carded articles at LPOs.

As was announced recently via Outlet Messaging, POAAL and Australia Post have agreed to a trial for payment to Licensees for delivery scans of carded articles (where the Licensee receives the carded article payment).

Remember: this payment for scanning is in addition to the carded article fee.

There is a project in the pipeline to assist Licensees at LPOs that accommodate PDOs/Contractors, but this is waiting on Australia Post’s delivery technology to catch up. Since the trial for LPOs that receive the carded article payment was ready, it was agreed to proceed with that trial immediately.

The payment for scanning is the latest stage in a series of initiatives to help Licensees manage carded parcels at their LPOs.

Bypass arrangements – POAAL negotiated bypass arrangements with Australia Post that allow Licensees to request temporary or permanent parcel diversions for their LPOs. In some cases, larger parcels (eg parcels over 16kg, or parcels over the size of a wine pack) are diverted away from the LPO to corporate outlets such as Business Hubs.

PDTs – Australia Post agreed to allocate hand-held scanners to all LPOs. Some LPOs that handle high volumes of barcoded items are now receiving a second PDT. These PDTs are being distributed to Licensees free of charge.

First time delivery – Initiatives such as Delivery Choices are still in their relative infancy, and still only a small number of merchants offer Delivery Choices to their customers at checkout. As this becomes more widespread, and as merchants become more judicious as to when they request a signature on delivery, we should see changes in the rate of carding. There is still more to be done, but it is sometimes difficult to change in such a short time an infrastructure that was developed over centuries.

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