The NBN, EPOS and manual LPOs

Posted: August 17, 2011 at 1:07 pm

POAAL has made a supplementary submission to the NBN Joint Parliamentary Committee.

Following POAAL CEO Ian Kerr’s appearance before the Committee’s hearing in Melbourne in late July, the Committee requested some further information on the details of installing EPOS at manual LPOs.

The postal business is changing, and EPOS is the key to manual LPOs being able to access new postal business.

Advances in technology reinforce POAAL’s call for point-of-sale technology to be installed at all LPOs. The communities served by LPOs without EPOS are not able to access the full range of Australia Post’s services, including financial services.

To view or download POAAL’s supplementary submission, visit the Parliament House website. (Submission 4.1.)



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