NBN and installing EPOS at manual LPOs

Posted: July 7, 2011 at 12:29 pm

POAAL has made a submission to the federal parliament’s Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network detailing some of the current challenges facing Australia Post’s retail network, and how the NBN could help overcome these challenges.

The postal network is Australia’s original national communications network. The National Broadband Network must be implemented and used in such a way to bolster existing access to communications, especially in rural and remote areas.

Installing and maintaining the data connection is the major cost for the installation of EPOS at a post office. If the NBN can provide remote and rural LPOs with access to high speed data connections at a low cost, then this will reduce a significant cost barrier to installing EPOS in small LPOs.

POAAL’s entire submission can be downloaded as a PDF from the Parliament House website.

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