Australia Post launches hybrid truck trial

Posted: May 28, 2007 at 6:46 pm

Australia Post has launched a trial of a hybrid diesel/electric powered delivery truck. The trial was recently launched by the Minister for Communications, IT & The Arts, Senator Helen Coonan.

By trialling hybrid power, AP is positioning itself to take a lead position in alternative fuels in Australia. It is anticipated that there will be a long-term financial benefit by decreasing the reliance upon oil-based fuels as fuel prices inevitably increase in years to come.

AP hopes to achieve up to 30% fuel savings as well as a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. The trial will take place in metropolitan areas.

POAAL has been closely following developments in alternative and future fuels internationally, in particular their take-up by major mail and logistics companies. TNT is currently trialling electric-powered trucks in the UK as well as trialling bio-fuels in India. Royal Mail is using electric-powered scooters for delivery of street mail in some parts of the UK.

UPS last week announced that it has expanded its fleet of alternative-fuel vehicles with 50 next-generation hybrid electric/diesel delivery trucks. These new vehicles use regenerative braking, meaning that the energy generated when stopping the moving vehicle is captured and returned to the battery system as electrical energy.

The new UPS trucks have lower emissions than its existing hybrid vehicles, lower fuel consumption and are quieter than conventional UPS delivery trucks.

A UPS representative said that “[UPS’s] long-term goal is to minimise dependence on fossil fuels.”

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